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Simply Iwagumi in extraordinary cube

Welcome back to Aqua Remedy Gallery Aquariums. This time I will present you My new creation. Aquarium VIV 30x30x30 is the most common size for a typical cube tank. It’s small, but not too small. Perfect for shrimps and small schooling fishes. It’s very… Continue Reading “Simply Iwagumi in extraordinary cube”

Project ” Secret Passage” joining Aqua Remedy Gallery

It’s time for new. It’s time for a bit of challenge! For the last 3 years, I have normally used custom build systems for My Aquasaping projects. Better lights, stronger filters, custom size tanks… This time due to coincidence and luck I have acquired… Continue Reading “Project ” Secret Passage” joining Aqua Remedy Gallery”

The Dark side of Aquascaping universe

January and February its usually not the most exciting year even when We are not locked in Ours Homes. Bills to pay, Christmas time gone and not really hope for brighter tomorrow…. With this mood on board why not create something that will reflect… Continue Reading “The Dark side of Aquascaping universe”

Opti White Aquariums Available to order!

After SIX months of waiting Our Opti White tanks are became available to order!!! Aqua Remedy will aim to have 80% of tanks available to pick up or deliver to Dublin and all surrounding counties by the end of February. At this moment 85%… Continue Reading “Opti White Aquariums Available to order!”

Project “Ancient Woodland” Opti White Tank with a kick

The 2020 was definitely one of the most unusual years for Me and My little company. We had up and downs, new challenges, and many obstacles. In all of this madness, it was very little time to set up another tank for My Home… Continue Reading “Project “Ancient Woodland” Opti White Tank with a kick”

Project “My First Aquascape” joining Aqua Remedy family

Let me introduced another project from Aqua Remedy portfolio. This time We have very simply, low tech and low maintenance setup. Equipment After primary consultation We have decided that all budget for this Aquascape must not exceed 250 Euro. With this in mind I… Continue Reading “Project “My First Aquascape” joining Aqua Remedy family”

CHIHIRO’S LED A PLUS RGB Available to order with FREE delivery!!!

Here We are again. This time We introducing new RGB lighting from Chihirios. The A RGB PLUS series LED bars are lighting intended for freshwater and plant aquariums. It is a combination of the older A PLUS and RGB models, creating a unique series… Continue Reading “CHIHIRO’S LED A PLUS RGB Available to order with FREE delivery!!!”

Fluval Roma transformation

Welcome again to Aqua Remedy Gallery. This time We will present you a new project that was completed for one of our most loyal customer. This time We had to transform Fluval Roma 80 from The Ugly Duckling to beautiful Swan. Few words about… Continue Reading “Fluval Roma transformation”

New Project, New idea.

Welcome back!!! Let me to present you My new project. This time We had to convert existing Fluval Roma 125 into planting tank. System already had good filtration and decent light. We only added Co2 set to support good plant grow. This time We… Continue Reading “New Project, New idea.”

An ambitious project, extraordinary aquarium

Today I want to presentu you another project from Aqua Remedy portfolio. This time We had a hard nut to crack on. Aqua One tank is not only big (240 liters), but has unusual hight (60cm). Top of this tank is limited by glass… Continue Reading “An ambitious project, extraordinary aquarium”

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