Aqua Remedy On a Trip. Aqua Show Warsaw

As a great lover of nature and aquarium hobby, it would not be possible to go on vacation without visiting an Aquarium Gallery, Zoo or Sea Life.

This year he had a great opportunity to visit one of the best Aquarium Gallery in Europe. Aqua Show in the capital of Poland. In Warsaw.

Thanks to great kindness and help, we had a nice opportunity to see this place before the gallery opened. It gave us an unbelievable feeling of peace and relaxation in admiring these wonderful creations. And there was much to admire…

Maybe We will start with some itroduction.

Aqua Show was opened 2 years ago.  The salon is a unique and unique place. Aqua Show was created out of passion and willingness to present natural aquaristics. The main goal was to create not only an aquarium shop, but above all an aquarium gallery where our works will be presented.
Aqua Show also organizes aquarium workshops for fans of the underwater world.

As you step into the Aqua Show, you are immediately greeted by an impressive spectacle of water and light. The main stage is a grand hall, beautifully illuminated with a dazzling array of colors. The carefully choreographed Aquascapes dance gracefully to the rhythm of enchanting music, creating an atmosphere that is both soothing and exhilarating.

On the first level there are the best and largest aquariums set up by absolutely top Aquascapers in the world. You can find work from such personalities as:

  • Takayuki Fukada
  • Michal Adamek
  • Filipe Oliveira
  • Pavol Kulanda

And many many more…

Takayuki Fukada is a renowned aquascaper from Japan. He gained international recognition for his exceptional skills in creating stunning aquascapes, which are underwater landscapes designed and cultivated in aquariums. Fukada is known for his unique and artistic approach to aquascaping, incorporating various elements like plants, rocks, driftwood, and fish to create harmonious and visually captivating underwater scenes. 

Michal Adamek is a highly talented and well-known aquascaper from the Poland. He has garnered a significant following in the aquascaping community for his artistic and innovative approach to creating captivating underwater landscapes in aquariums.

Michal Adamek is admired for his ability to combine various aquatic plants, hardscape elements like rocks and driftwood, and carefully chosen fish to craft stunning and harmonious aquascapes. His designs often showcase a keen eye for detail and a mastery of balancing the elements to create natural-looking underwater scenes.

Felipe Oliveira was an extremely talented Aquascaper from Portugal. He gains His popularity by introducing Bonsai Trees to the underwater World.

Felipe Oliveira hails from Brazil Style and has participated in various aquascaping competitions, winning several awards for his captivating designs. He often combines various aquatic plants, rocks, driftwood, and carefully selected fish to create balanced and natural-looking aquascapes. Unfortunately, Felipe passed away in 2023

Other Fantastick Aquascapes You can find in Aqua Show

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