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Chihirios Serie A II avilable to order!!!

Chihirios LED A II

New Year and January is usually a time when new technologies and equipment are introduced to the market.I think the Year 2021 will be called “LED Year”. Every Big Fish release new, more affordable, and technically advanced Lighting Systems. For the month of January,… Continue Reading “Chihirios Serie A II avilable to order!!!”

Let’s make this clear…

Rimless OptiWhite glass aquariums are starting to make significant breakthroughs into the marine and tropical market. Nearly all professional You Tubers are using ultra-transparent glass as they demonstration fish tanks. The best Aquascaper works on all major competitions are built using Opti White fish… Continue Reading “Let’s make this clear…”

Let’s add some minerals!!!

Every aquarium hobbyist interested in planted tanks knows that the adding of good and balanced plant fertilizers is a MUST. In today’s market, we can buy many different specifics. Unfortunately, their differentiation and number may cause dizziness and confusion. That is why from today… Continue Reading “Let’s add some minerals!!!”

Used by Pro. Oase Bio Master and Bio Master Thermo.

If you are an avid viewer of the Youtube channels of Georg Farmer or Green Aqua, you could not avoid the fact that they are promoting a new line of Oase aquarium filters. Oase Bio Master 250/350/600 and there Thermo versions. This is a… Continue Reading “Used by Pro. Oase Bio Master and Bio Master Thermo.”

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