Aqua Remedy Projects and Designs

“The Suncen Forest of Borneo”


One of Our most unusual projects. Aquarium have 80x40x25 cm in size and its a home for unusual type of Bucephalandra sp and Galaxy Rasboras School



“Undiscovered Piece of Nature”


Rio Negro Style Biotope Aquarium. Created to replicate the Natural environment of Neon Tetra and Ruminos sp. Tank size 60x40x40 cm.


Project created in standard Juwel Rio 200 Aquarium. The aim of this aquarium was to recreate an impenetrable and overgrown jungle.

“The Meadow” 


Very simple aquarium made in a 30x30x30 cube tank. The aim of this project was to recreate a small meadow using Eleoharis mini plant.

” Gran Trio Ver.2 “

The set of three cube aquariums. the aim of this project was to design three different styles of aquascapes, three different types of plants, and fish species. Three different Worlds.

” Iron Lady”

Project “Iron Lady” is Juwel Rio 240 Tank redesigned to have an open top Aqauscaping look. the name comes from the hardscape that was used, Iron Wood.

“Comunity Eldorad”


The project was constructed in Juwel Lids 60x40x40 Aquarium.  The Aquarium was a home for many species of fish, typically called Comunity Tank Style.

” Red Lotus “

Project build in Juwel Rio 200 liters tank for a wide variety of community fishes. The name came from the large Red Lotus sp. that took a large chunk of the aquarium.



Project Zanzibar was built in a standard Fluval Roma Aquarium with an enchanted filtrations system.

The project name came from pure white sand JBL Zanzibar and Island-type composition.

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