Our Customers Projects and Designs

“Big Shallow”

The aquarium was created in a long and very shallow tank. Fantastic work by a talented Polish Aquascaper Girl.

“Rainbow Fish Amanno Style”


Not only a fantastic Aquascape but an outstanding choice of fish!!!
One more work from Cris. Just a perfect creation!
“The Mangle Wood” 

Aquarium created with Mangle Wood and Dragon Stone. A very unique approach to tall vessels.


” The Cube”


Pure View Cube of size 40x40x40 scaped in a natural style.
” Green Symphony”


This time with have a perfect example of a Nature Style Aquarium where fishes and plants are equally important. Thank you Cris for sharing your fantastic work… not the first time!
“ADA Shallow “


Absolutely fantastic tank created by my friend Amar. Its pure inspiration for everyone whos looking for a small, but outstanding addition to His living space.


” Nature Style 450l “


Stunning large Aquarium built by a professional Aquascaper from Poland. Fantastic work in an unusually large tank.

“Hardscape Madness”


This stunning Aquarium was bullied by one of the most skilled people I ever meet in Ireland.
” Cliffs of Ireland”
Fantastic Aquarium built by Irish Aquascaper. High tech Aquarium and equipment delivering outstanding results.
“Eheim Top Nature Style”


This is by far the best Aquarium I have seen in Ireland. Absolutely a gem in Our Hobby.
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