Opti White Aquarium 80x45x45cm | 162 l 8mm

Opti White aquariums are glued with attention to detail, and the silicone is completely collected so that no silicone grout remains on the glass joints.

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Opti White aquariums are made of high-quality ultra-transparent glass, which is now EVEN MORE transparent.

In a special production process of VIV glass, the iron content was reduced, thanks to which the greenish tint characteristic of ordinary glass (visible especially with thick panes) was removed.

PURE VIV glass is transparent, and colorless, thanks to which it transmits light better. The view behind the glass is clear, and the natural colors of plants, fish, coral reefs and decorations are preserved.

  • Super transparent glass.
  • Minimum silicon used.
  • Only clear silicon was used.
  • A wide selection of sizes is available in stock.
  • Very solid and secure shipment.
  • 2-year guarantee.

Technical Information:

  • Size 80x45x45
  • Water capacity 162 liters
  • Glass thickness 8mm

We offer a full range and sizes of those extraordinary aquariums. Full details you can find here.

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