Neo Plant Fertilizer Tablets ST.LONG


Neo Plant Fertilizer Tablets ST.LONG  are tablets with a total fertilizer content derived from organic raw materials. The organic ingredients they contain are slowly dissolved in the water, providing the necessary fertilizers directly to the plant roots for a long time.

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Neo Plant Fertilizer Tablets ST.LONG are an excellent solution for fertilizing and stabilizing the parameters of the tank.

In addition to fertilizing the aquarium with the necessary macro and microelements, NEO Tabs tablets have properties that absorb the excess of selected elements, reducing the risk of algae by stabilizing the parameters of the tank.

NEO Tabs are based on the latest technology, ensuring proper fertilization and stabilization of tank parameters. The tablets are made of a high-pressure-resistant material.

The absorption of elements that endanger the reservoir is possible thanks to the high cationic exchange capacity of the elements. The cationic absorption capacity does not threaten the biology of the tank and does not react with the aquarium substrate.

How to use:

Put it into the substrate to a depth of 3-5 cm with 5 cm intervals. For large plants, put one tablet under the plant’s roots.

How long it last?:

Up to 6  months.

In the package:

90 – 140 tablets (the differences in the amount are due to the different sizes of the produced tablet)


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