Aquael Hypermax 4500 External Filter

Hypermax 4500 filter is a reliable canister filter that provides exceptional filtration quality in aquariums with a capacity of 200 to 1500 liters. It is easy to use thanks to the intuitive control panel and wheels to move it. It is distinguished by a huge filtration capacity, an efficient pump, and the use of patented solutions, such as a pre-filter, double ball valves, and self-priming of the filter.


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Aquael Hypermax 4500. Excellent filtration and reliability

Aquael Hypermax 4500 is an innovative canister filter that guarantees exceptional filtration quality even in the largest aquariums. Ease of use, electronic control, and safe use make the filter suitable for both professionals and hobbyists. High-quality standards, characteristic of the Aquael brand for almost 40 years, ensure reliability and durability.

High efficiency

Hypermax has a huge filter capacity of 15.9 liters. Combined with the most efficient, energy-efficient, and electronically controlled pump on the market, Hypermax handles tanks with capacities from 200 to even 1500 liters. A set of 2 inlet hoses and 2 outlet hoses ensures proper water flow in the aquarium, which effectively eliminates dead zones.

Safe use

Aquael brand products are characterized by a high level of safety of use. Hypermax operates on a safe working voltage of 24 V. In addition, the device will automatically shut down if the rotor is blocked. A sound and flashing function LEDs will inform us about the situation. Hypermax will react the same way in the absence of a rotor in the engine compartment.

For advanced and beginners

You don’t have to worry about handling Hypermax, even if you are new to the aquarium hobby. The designers took care of the comfort and intuitiveness of use at every step: from the easy-to-use control panel to the wheels that allow you to conveniently move the device. Proven and patented solutions were also used, such as a pre-filter and systems: double ball valves and automatic flooding of the filter. These solutions have been positively received by aquarists for years.

High-capacity pre-filter

A capacious 1.5-liter pre-filter built into the lid of the device effectively retains larger impurities, which reduces the frequency of filter maintenance. Cleaning the pre-filter is extremely simple and does not require removing the device from the cabinet. Just open the lid, remove the sponge from the basket and rinse it under running water.

Innovative double ball valve system

Aquarists are aware that the key moment of work related to access to the inside of the filter is usually disconnection of the supply and discharge hoses from the device. The water left in the filter often spills onto the floor, which leads to understandable dissatisfaction. To prevent this, the Hypermax uses a patented system of double ball valves that simultaneously close the filter inlet and outlet in the lid, as well as the hoses, preventing uncontrolled outflow of water.

Automatic filter filling

It is enough to make 2-4 movements of the piston and the filter will be filled with water from the aquarium. Simple, right?

Aquael Hypermax 4500 set including:

  • 4 x 19/25mm hoses, 1.5m long
  • elements for connecting the filter: overflow pipes, rain shower head, suction cups, handles, nozzles, elbows
  • filter cartridges
  • 2 baskets for filter media

Technical data:

  • For an aquarium with a capacity of 200 to 1500 liters
  • Capacity: 4500l/h

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