Project ” Red Lotus”

Volume Approx: 180 Litres
Tank Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 50 cm
Cabinet Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 73 cm
Lighting: 2x T5 Lights

Co2: Yes

Filter: Fluval 406

Plants choice

  • Ehinodorus Amazonicus
  • Ehinodorus Bleheri
  • Cryptocoryne Mi Oya
  • Red Tiger Lotus
  • Lagenandra Meeboldii Red
  • Cryptocoryne Legroi
  • Cryptocoryne Brown
  • Cryptocoryne Willisii
  • Java Moss
  • Java Fern
  • Pistia Stratiotes

Another project from Aqua Remedy gallery.

The tank was set up 3 weeks ago and as you can see its suffering from a few hair algae, but it’s nothing I should worry about.

The main point here is “affordability”. Second-hand tank, standard T5 lights, sand from local Woodies.

Starting Point

Update 1.3.2020

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