Water Pump Hsbao HSB-750


At the beginning, it is worth emphasizing that Hsbao specializes in the production of impeller pumps for water.

Their products are used by producers from almost every field. The pump can be found in home refrigerators of well-known manufacturers, ice makers, home and garden fountains, in cat water bowls, in sprinklers and many more.

Hsbao water pumps are very popular and appreciated by big and well-known brands.

Technical data:

– nozzles for a hose with an internal diameter of 12mm
– power consumption: 15W
– capacity: 1000l / h
– lifting the water column: 160 cm
– power cord length: 3m
– dimensions 7.7 x 5.4 x 6.6 cm



The HSB Hsbao pump is a very popular, successful, and reliable model of a simple water pump. It is used in many devices, e.g. home refrigerators, garden, and home fountains, cat bowls, ice cube makers, terrarium waterfalls, and many more. Hsbao pumps can be found in the products of many well-known and respected brands.


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