Twinstar E-line 31W | 60cm -75cm Long


A series of professional Twinstar lamps dedicated to rich planted aquariums. It has the widest spectrum of light on the market, which not only guarantees perfect plant growth, but also gives them much better, vibrant colors.

Technical data:

– Power: 31W
– Light power: 2400lm
– Color temperature of White diodes: 6500K – 7050K
– Number of RGB LEDs: red 15pcs, green 12pcs, blue 12pcs
– Ratio RGB / White: 45% / 55%
– For an aquarium 60 – 75 cm long
– Glass thickness: 5 – 8 mm
– Lamp dimensions 59.7 x 11.7 x 1.7 cm



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