Strideways PRO CO2 Set 5kg

Strideways PRO CO2 Set is a professional combination of the best product for the best performance. Set including regulator, cylinder, hose, and top diffuser


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Strideways PRO CO2 Set

Professional CO2 regulator for the accurate dosing of CO2 to the aquarium. Equipped with a 12V solenoid valve and CO2 bubble counter. Complete set, ideal for beginners with quality for professionals.

CO2 adjustment is flawless with this CO2 regulator. The working pressure can be set precisely with the flick of a wrist on the comfortable button. For adjusting the desired number of bubbles, there is a pleasure to operate a fine adjustment on the side. The result is immediately visible in the linked CO2 bubble counter. This can be tilted 360 degrees. The bubble counter can therefore be positioned upright at all times. So for all European CO2 bottles with the screw cap straight on the bottle as well as on the front.

Close CO2 dosing at night

To be able to close the CO2 dosing at night, this CO2 regulator is equipped with an integrated 12V solenoid valve. This works on USB with included adapter for the wall socket. The power consumption, and in particular the heat output, is low due to the 12V. In addition, this provides extra safety around the aquarium. High-quality materials have been used. This can be felt directly by the weight. The sealing ring is also of ultimate quality and stronger than other rings on the market.

No understanding of CO2 dosing or getting a complicated system at home? No problem. Included is a wrench to tighten the CO2 regulator on the bottle. Always screw the CO2 regulator firmly on the bottle to prevent leaks. Furthermore, the installation is very simple and the system can be started up in a few steps. Always check the hoses and couplings for any leaks with dishwashing foam to make sure no CO2 is lost.

Strideways Pro CO2 including:


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