ROTALA Maflora Light | 10 L


Substrate for aquarium plants to prevent algae growth. Substrate Maflora Light creates algae and pollution-free, slightly acidic aquatic environment, ideal for the life and reproduction of aquarium plants, as well as fish, shrimps and other aquatic organisms. Made from 100% natural, black volcanic earth. Nutrients contained in the medium are available for plant roots, but not available for algae in the water column. A special production process gives the Maflora Light substrate unique features that improve the quality and clarity of the water, and stabilize its parameters for a long time.

  • Prevents algae growth
  • Reduces the number of water changes
  • Fertilizes plants
  • Supports rooting
  • Crystallizes water
  • Stabilizes the pH
  • Increases the filtration surface
  • Accelerates biological filtration
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