Pure View Shallow Aquarium 80x35x30 | 84 Litres


PURE VIEW Shallow Aquarium are made of high-quality FLOAT transparent glass and Pure Silicon. Perfect choice for demanding customers

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Important!!! Restricted delivery options. If you living outside of County Dublin, Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow, Kildare, Meath, Louth Contact Us before purchasing! 

The aquarium is one of the first and most important purchases we make when setting up our dream tank. It is not only a way to keep animals and plants, but also an element of home or apartment decor. It is worth paying more attention to it to further enhance this effect.

PURE VIEW aquariums are made of high-quality FLOAT transparent glass.

High value for money – they are made according to repeatable standards, glued evenly, with pure silicone collected to zero, the so-called without joints.

The greatest advantage of the Pure View tanks is the precise fit of the panes at a right angle and equal to their height.

Safe, thick glass, no reinforcements – Pure View uses much thicker glass in its aquariums than provided for in the DIN 32622 standard.

Technical information:

  • Size 80x35x30
  • Capacity 84 litres of water
  • Glass thickness 8mm
  • Pure silicon
  • No supports. Only 5 sheets of glass

Full-range aquariums are available here!!! 


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