Pure View Aquarium 60x30x35 | 63 Litres

PURE VIEW aquariums are made of high-quality FLOAT transparent glass and Pure Silicon. Perfect choice for demanding customers.

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The aquarium is one of the first and most important purchases we make when setting up our dream tank. It is not only a way to keep animals and plants, but also an element of a home or apartment decor. It is worth paying more attention to it to further enhance this effect.

PURE VIEW aquariums are made of high-quality FLOAT transparent glass.

High value for money – they are made according to repeatable standards, glued evenly, with pure silicone collected to zero, the so-called without joints.

The greatest advantage of the Pure View tanks is the precise fit of the panes at a right angle and equal to their height.

Safe, thick glass, no reinforcements – Pure View uses much thicker glass in its aquariums than provided for in the DIN 32622 standard.

Technical information:

  • Size 60x30x35
  • Capacity 63 liters of water
  • Glass thickness 5mm
  • Pure silicon
  • No supports. Only 5 sheets of glass

Full-range aquariums are available here!!! 

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