Oase BioMaster 350 External Filter

Oase BioMaster 350 filter series represent the highest level of performance. They have a large filter volume and a very efficient pump.


The Oase BioMaster 350 filter is an interesting proposition for demanding aquarists for whom a large volume of filtration media and high pump efficiency is important.

Made of good quality plastic, where all elements fit perfectly. The filter is equipped with a large sponge pre-filter that can be easily cleaned without having to open the entire bucket.

Another advantage that distinguishes it from other filters is the possibility of installing a heater with power dedicated by the manufacturer in the filter.

The Thermo 350 version filter has a 200W heater in the set. Another advantage is that the pump performance can be easily adjusted.

A solid handle also allows you to conveniently carry a flooded filter. The filter is equipped with filter media in the form of sponges of different porosity and the Oase patented biological filtration media called Hel-X. All media are in dedicated filter baskets.

The baskets can be easily removed and filled with any filter media in any order.

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