Chihiros WRGB SLIM 30 II Aquarium Lights

Chihiros WRGB SLIM 30 II lighting is a unique model of aquarium lamps created on colorful WRGB LEDs with high luminance.


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The Chihiros WRGB SLIM 30 II lighting beam is a narrower version of the WRGB II lighting.

Lighting is dedicated to freshwater and plant tanks. It has long-life, wide-angle LEDs with high luminance. The color mix of the LEDs emphasizes the natural beauty of the plants and animals in the tank.

The lighting can be freely controlled. Set the intensity of individual colors and the lighting itself, as well as the appropriate color temperature up to 13000K.

Lighting control is only possible with the “My Chihiros” application installed on a tablet or smartphone with Android or IOS.

The included metal feet allow the beam to be placed on the edge of the tank. The body made of high-quality steel looks elegant and stylish.

Best features of Chihiros WRGB SLIM II:

  • Dedicated to a plant / freshwater aquarium.
  • Wide-angle, long-life LEDs.
  • More intense, vivid colors of fish and plants.
  • Adjusting the color of lighting, intensity, and setting the dawn and dusk mode.
  • Built-in Bluetooth controller.
  • Control via the “My Chihiros” app.
  • Metal adjustable feet included.
  • Elegant, slim steel design.
  • Different sizes are available for aquariums 30cm up to 140cm in length.

Technical Information of Chihiros WRGB SLIM 30 II:

  • Length of the aquarium: 30 – 45 cm
  • Power: 23W
  • Luminous flux: 1200lm
  • Number of LEDs: 20
  • LED color: RGB
  • Maximum glass thickness: 10mm


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