CHIHIROS LED RGB is lighting for freshwater and plant aquariums that fantastically reflects and highlights the colors of fish, plants and decorations. No other LED lighting has ever offered such vivid and authentic colors: the red of plants and fish is intense, the green of the plants is very vivid and expressive, dark colors like gray, black, brown whether the ground, roots or rocks are clearly dark.


CHIHIROS LED RGB comes complete with a metal frame with adjustable height and width. This means that the LED panel can be mounted directly above the aquarium or slightly higher in the case of an aquarium with plants growing above water or a paludarium. In addition, the frame allows the installation of lighting on an aquarium longer than the panel, which means that a panel with a length of e.g. 27cm can be mounted on an aquarium with a length of 27cm and larger.

Technical data:

  • Length of panel 270x110x10
  • For tanks 30-45 cm long
  • Power 25W



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