Chihiros A II 601 Max

Chihiros AII 601 Max Series is a modern lighting system that uses white LEDs. It is an ideal solution for demanding users. Available in 5 different sizes!


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Chihiros AII 601 Max Series is a modern lighting system that uses white LEDs. It is an ideal solution for demanding users, because this lamp is characterized by high power and luminous flux, and its design is comparable to traditional T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps in terms of lighting intensity and brightness, while at the same time significant energy savings. The lighting can be easily controlled using a dedicated smartphone application.

What is the difference between Chihiros AII Max and Chihiros AII?

The new series of Chihiros AII Max lighting is an improved version of the existing series of Chihiros AII lamps. It offers even more power and intensity while saving energy. The new Chihiros lighting series has been optimized for demanding users and high-tech aquariums.

Light for plants

Chihiros AII Max is a professional LED lighting set, designed to illuminate the aquarium. It has been equipped with high-quality white LEDs that emit light with high luminance and the right balance for the best effects. This light is pleasant to the human eye, adds color to green and red plants, and provides adequate lighting for growing difficult aquarium plants. The lighting set was developed by LED lighting specialists and aquarists.

The ability to increase the intensity

The Chihiros AII Max lamp allows you to adjust the light intensity to ensure optimal conditions for aquarium plants. It is possible to increase the power by 25% over the basic parameters, but remember to ensure sufficient cooling when using this option. Do not overuse the boost mode as this may reduce the life of the lighting. The mode can be used for a maximum of 2-3 hours.

Lighting control via Bluetooth

Lighting control is possible only through the dedicated My Chihiros application installed on a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS. Thanks to the application, we will be able to assign appropriate light intensity and dawn and dusk settings to each hour of the day.

Elegant cover

The Chihiros lighting set has been designed to provide the most optimal conditions for the development of aquarium plants and to ensure their health, modern and aesthetic design of lighting will delight the most demanding aquarist. The legs of the lamp are made of high-quality acrylic, reflecting the lighting as if the lamp was floating in the air.

Extendable legs

We put the lamp on the edges of the aquarium. The legs allow you to install the lamp on an aquarium with a width of 30-45cm. Glass holders are also universal and fit glass thicknesses from 4mm to 8mm

Technical data Chihiros AII 601 Max:

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