Chihirios LED A II 801 Aquarium Lights

Chihirios LED A II 801 is lighting designed especially for freshwater plant aquariums. Fantastic quality in an affordable price range.


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Chihirios LED A II is lighting designed especially for freshwater plant aquariums. It has a number of LEDs that reproduce natural sunlight, giving a beautiful, natural look to plants, fish, and other aquarium inhabitants.

Built-in diodes are characterized by a long lifetime of 30-50 thousand hours with low electricity consumption.

The lighting can only be controlled through the “My Chihiros” application installed on a smartphone or tablet with Android or IOS. The application allows you to assign the appropriate light intensity for individual hours during the day and set the dawn and dusk options.

The beam has an extremely aesthetic appearance. The aluminum body gives it an elegant appearance, thanks to which it will look good on an open tank without a cover. A convenient solution is the use of special rotating threads, which will allow the beam to be freely rotated almost 90 degrees in both directions.

Features of Chihirios LED A II

Series A II – 801
Width of the light fixtures 785 mm
Width with acrylic supports 800 mm
Depth 67 mm
Height 10 mm
Series A II – 801
Power input AC110 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 32 W
Colour temperature ca. 8.000 K
LEDs 80 pieces
Luminous flux ca. 3.300 Lumen

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