Aquarium Background Thin Grey 120×50


The Aquarium Background Thin Grey is a structural background with a thickness of up to 1.5 cm. We offer various sizes of backgrounds to choose from.


The Aquarium Background Thin Grey structural background with a thickness of up to 1.5 cm was produced by a company that has existed in the aquarium market for many years and has extensive experience in the field of making ornaments and aquarium backgrounds. The background was made of a material that is safe for the environment and the organisms living in it. Thanks to the use of materials that are neutral to the aquatic environment, the background can become overgrown with algae over time, offering an even more natural-looking landscape.


Mounting the background is extremely simple. Place the background inside the tank and glue its back wall to the aquarium glass with silicone. In the case of one-piece backdrops, you can also omit glue and simply cover the bottom of the tank with your preferred substrate. Larger backgrounds are divided in half to facilitate the transport and installation of the product in the tank. The line for connecting split backgrounds is secured with the same sponge as on the side edges of the product.


The dimensions are slightly smaller than those given (about 2 cm). All this so that the purchased background fits into the aquarium for which it is intended. The missing background length is replaced with a sponge to prevent fish from entering.

The real size of the background is 117×45

We offer various sizes of backgrounds to choose from.

For the safety of the product, backgrounds have to be shipped as separate items.



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