AQUAEL LEDDY SLIM SUNNY 32W White/Black Aquarium Light


The Aquael Leddy Slim Sunny lamp illuminating the open tank makes you resign from the classic cover. The slim shape and modern look make it not only a necessary technical part of the aquarium but also a stylish decorative element.

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The task of Aquael Leddy Slim Sunny is to provide adequate lighting for your freshwater tank, but it can also be used in saltwater fish-only aquariums.

It has diodes with a temperature of 6,500 K. The appropriate light spectrum has a positive effect on the physiology of animals and plants. Light determines, among other things, the process of photosynthesis, which produces life-giving oxygen.

It perfectly emphasizes the natural colors of plants, fish, and the entire arrangement.


  • Aquarium width [CM]: 80-100
  • Power [W]: 32W
  • Dimensions [cm]: 80x6x2,5
  • Lumens: 3300
  • Color temperature [K]: 6500
  • Energy Class: A++


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