Aquael VersaMAX FZN-2 Hang on Back Filter

Aquael VersaMAX Hang on Back Filter is overflow filter suitable for aquariums with a capacity of 40-200l.


Aquael VersaMAX FZN Hang on Back Filter are overflow filters suitable for aquariums with a capacity of 40-200l.

An efficient device that does not take up space in the aquarium. It has removable containers, making filter cleaning much easier and more convenient.

Very often used in marine aquariums and nano-aquariums. The filter is quiet and easy to use. Very efficient, with the possibility of adjusting the capacity using the knob on the top of the overflow unit.

Equipped with a phenol-free sponge insert, on which bacterial cultures responsible for the removal of organic pollutants from the aquarium are particularly easy to develop.

The sponge can be replaced with other filter media for biological filtration as well as mechanical or hybrid filtration.


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