External Filter Aquael Ultramax 1500 | For tanks up to 450l



External Filter Aquael Ultramax 1500 is an external bucket filter designed for an aquarium with a capacity of 250-450l.

The filter is characterized by very high efficiency and smooth speed regulation. The filter primes itself during the first start-up. The device, despite its efficiency, works quietly and does not consume large amounts of electricity.

Another advantage is the large sponge pre-filter (approx. 0.6 l capacity), which is the first filter element and its action is aimed at catching the largest impurities that cause filter clogging.

The pre-filter can be removed for cleaning while the device is in operation. Cleaning the filter is facilitated by very solid, double ball valves, which prevent even small water leaks.


  • Aquarium capacity: 250-450l
  • Power: 16W
  • Capacity: 1500l / h
  • Lifting: 200cm
  • Dimensions with valves: 27x29x45.5cm
  • Hose diameter: 16 / 22mm
  • Bucket capacity: 13.5l
  • Number of baskets: 4 pcs

In Our shop, We offer a choice of three Aquael Ultramax filters. 1000,1500 and 2000 versions.


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