ADA Green Brighty Neutral K | 180ml


GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K is a liquid fertilizer supplying potassium to planted aquarium. When potassium is insufficient, the photosynthesis activity and growth of aquatic plants are affected and this can cause yellowing and bleaching of leaves as well as lower resistance to algae. Daily application of GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K to the aquarium improves these problems and promotes healthy growth of aquatic plants. This product does not cause a rise in pH and carbonate hardness (KH). It is ideal for supplying potassium to aquatic plants that do not prefer high pH and KH environments.


For supplementation of potassium, apply one push (1 ml) of GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K for every 20l of aquarium water daily. It is effective to add GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K when the lighting is ON. If there is a large amount of aquatic plants in the tank, increase the amount to approximately 2-3 times the standard dose.



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