Water Tests

Testing your water parameters is an important method of foreseeing problems in your aquatic ecosystem before they result in catastrophe. It doesn’t matter if You have brand new or three years old fish tank, the biologically unstable aquarium can be harmful to your fish and plants.

Testing your aquarium on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule can help you stay ahead of chemistry issues before they affect the health of your stock.

Aqua Remedy Ireland providing a full range of tests that will revile truth about Your tank. We can test parameters as:

  • pH level
  • Carbonate Hardness (KH)
  • General Hardness (GH)
  • Ammonium (NH4)
  • Nitrite (NO2)
  • Nitrate (NO3)
  • Carbon dioxide level CO2
  • Microelements and iron levels (Fe)
  • Phosphate (PO4)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Magnesium (Mg)

Why You should choose Aqua Remedy Ireland and not typical Pet Store?

  1. We are ALWAYS visiting Our customers at home. No travel issues, no time waste.
  2. Tests are done in front of You.
  3. We used only best tests that are available on market. No strips tests ( Highly inaccurate)
  4. We provide a full explanation of tests result and proper way of actions.
  5. We love Your fishes as much as You do!!!



Please remember, if You have any questions or doubts about Your aquarium




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