Aquatic systems and equipment


Every hobbyist can recognise those logos listed above, but not all are easily available on the Irish market.

Some of them offer very good value for money, but not many stores have them in their assortment.

Happily, Aqua Remedy can source all of them and delivered into your doors! With wide range access to  Wholesalers across Europe, We can offer many “exotic” or simply less known brands and equipment, some of them with way lower price tag then typical Irish Pet Store!!!

No matter you are looking for ready to go setups from Juwel or AquaOne or new filtration system. We can get them all.


Spare parts


As part of Our maintenance service, Aqua Remedy Ireland can supply spare parts for all major equipment used in Your fish tank.

Damaged impeller, leaking filter or broken light system is no problem for Us.

We can offer spare parts to all brands listed above and many, many more.

Dry goods and decorations


Aqua Remedy Ireland can provide as well a wide range of food products and water conditioners.

Fish food company’s We can supply:

  • JBL
  • Tetra
  • Sera
  • Ocean Nutrition
  • Hikari
  • Fluval

Water conditioners We can supply:

  • API
  • Easy Life
  • Fluval
  • JBL
  • Prime

We are offering as well products that are new for the Irish market and can’t be found in typical Pet Store.


Why You should choose Aqua Remedy Ireland over any other typical Pet Stores?

  1. Delivery to Your home. No more hassle visiting x shops to find the right equipment
  2. Free installation on customer request
  3. Wild range of equipment that is hard to source in Ireland
  4. Very easy contact in case of malfunction or fault.
  5. Custom approach tailored to your wallet.


*  Delivery time of new equipment vary from 5 to 20 working days.
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