Maintenance Programs & Aquarium’s set up

“As true passionates, our main mission is to provide high quality care for all aquatic systems”



How does this work?


Each fish tank is different and need an appropriate and customise approach. During our visits, We make a thorough inspection of the systems and carry out appropriate work and repairs.

A single standard visit usually involves exchanging the right amount of water, thoroughly cleaning of glass, decoration, ornaments, substrate and all devices operating in the tank. All overgrowth plants are cut into the right size and shape.

We checking all life support systems, are they working properly, and in case of any defects We making appropriate repairs.

In addition to that, We provide all necessary forms of food for proper nutrition feeding as well as all necessary water conditioners and minerals to keep your plants grow nice and healthy.

On the client’s request, We change the design of the aquarium to give it a new fresh and unique look.

At the end of each visit We providing a full report of what We did, what should be done to improve fish tank conditions in a future and providing constructive feedback of current results achieved by the owner.

We used only high-quality products, materials and equipment for conducting maintenance visits.


Our customers may choose from three different levels of care.


Standard Plan


This plan including four standard maintenance visits. Great start with 10% discount over single visit charge ( Depend on size of the aquarium )


Advance Plan



Great value for loyal customers. Package of eight visits will deliver long-lasting protection for Your tank, Your species and plants. By choosing this package You will get two water tests FOR FREE within two months.


Premium Plan


Only for loyal and fanatic aquarists. Ongoing cover of Your fish tank, free water tests every four visits, FREE water conditioners and if this is not enough You will get FREE food top up.


Appointments available Monday to Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 10am-6pm.


If Your aquarium need professional maintenance service or You have any questions about and Maintenance Packages.


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