Our customer’s projects

During visits to our client’s homes, we often come across amazing Aquariums. Some of them are shrimp or tanks for Betta Fish only, but some creations are real works of art.

On this page, I will try to show You some of the most interesting setups.

Big Shallow

The aquarium was created in a long and very shallow tank. Fantastic work by a talented Polish Aquascaper Girl.

Rainbow Fish Amanno Style

Not only a fantastic Aquascape but an outstanding choice of fish!!!

Natural Style at the finest

One more work from Cris. Just a perfect creation!

Nature Cube

Pure View Cube of size 40x40x40 scaped in a natural style.

Tall Beauty

Aquarium created with Mangle Wood and Dragon Stone. A very unique approach to tall vessels.

Nature Style 240l Aquarium from Dublin

This time with have a perfect example of a Nature Style Aquarium where fishes and plants are equally important. Thank you Cris for sharing your fantastic work… not the first time!

Full Dutch Aquascape created by Proffesional Polsih Aquascaper

Full Dutch Style Aquarium where fishes are just an addition to outstanding plants composition. The picture was taken in Carlow.

Dutch Style mixed with Nature kick

This is by far the best Aquarium I have seen in Ireland. Absolutely a gem in Our Hobby.

Madness Hardscape in 120P Aquarium

This stunning Aquarium was bullied by one of the most skilled person I ever meet in Ireland.

Opti White Iwagumi with a Style!

Fantastic Aquarium built by Irish Aquascaper. High tech Aquarium and equipment delivering outstanding results.

ADA shallow stuning scape

Absolutely fantastic tank created by my friend Amar. Its pure inspiration for everyone whos looking for small, but outstanding addition to His living space.

Aquarium 450l in Nature style

Stunning large Aquarium build by proffesional Aquascaper from Poland. Fantstic work in unusually large tank.

Wexford Nature Style on the budget.

Very nice example of budget Nature Style Aquarium. A great mix of hardscape, plants and fauna

Aquarium 240l Natural Dragon Stone scape

Tank created by my customer Kris. A great example of a typical nature style, with strong and solid hardscape in place. The smart choice of materials and fishes makes the final result looks great!

Opti White office space

Two more fantastic scapes from Amar. Simply, but nice and eye appiling.

Aquarium 180l Plant focus aquascape

Aquascape is totally focused on plant growth. High-quality equipment and a strong maintenance system in place will progress to outstanding results in the near future.

Fluval Edge. Pice of nature just behind a corner.

Very simply, but yet beautiful from Rob. Really cool use of that unusual equipment.

240l Nature Style Aquascape

This tank was an inspiration for my new outcoming project. Absolutely fantastic link of bold wood structures and lava rock. The choice of plants is absolutely great. Not only big Lotus but plenty of small leaves stemp plants.

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