Who We are?

Providing complex aquarium maintenance, installation and aquatic equipment for Irish market.


Aqua Remedy Ireland is a group of people who are passionate about aquarium hobby.

Many years of owning aquariums and access to a large amount of knowledge and a wide range of equipment allowed Us in 2017 to set up a small company. Aqua Remedy.

Twelve years of experience, lots of tested equipment and dozens of established aquariums allowed Us to create a model that will help, teach and train novice aquarists.


Then what We can do for YOU???


Our main mission is to help in setting up and provide care for all types of aquatic systems. We can help you to purchase and supply EVERYTHING from a small glass aquarium to high-end Opti White products.  We will help you in running a healthy and beautiful fish tank and teach you how to take care of it. We will provide complex Maintaining Program that will allow enjoying perfect results every day in a week.

We can supply all the necessary equipment starting from heathers and pumps and finish on cooling and high specs lighting systems.

We can provide Holiday Care when you will enjoy Your vacation.

We will monitor a condition of your tank through comprehensive and periodic Water Tests.

And if things get broke, well We will organize spare parts that will help you back into action.

If you have any questions about Aqua Remedy Ireland


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