Aquarium LED Backgrounds are available to order!!!

LED Background RGB

Dear Customers

We are pleased to announce that, after a long work, we have introduced a new product – the Aquarium LED Backgrounds in RGB and White versions.


The Aquarium LED Backgrounds is a product of a series of led screens that evenly illuminate the rear glass of the aquarium. It emphasizes the beauty of the tank arrangement and creates a unique impression of depth. Lighting of this type is known and preferred especially in the art of aquascaping.

The LED Background RGB is easy to install. With the help of the included brackets, simply hang the panel on the back wall of the aquarium and connect the power supply.

Thanks to the narrow aluminum frame (2cm) the accessory does not take up much space behind the tank. All the wiring is located on the back of the background.

LED Background White
LED Background White

The LED Background RGB backdrop is equipped with two independent Led RGB strips and original controllers by Mi-Light®, thanks to which it is possible to control each strip separately. Controlling is carried out using a remote control, which allows stepless adjustment of brightness, light color, and saturation independently for both stripes up and down.

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