“The sunken forest of Borneo” joining Aqua Remedy Gallery

It took me some time, but finally here. Evolution of my ” Maple Leaf Garden” and yet another shallow aquarium.

This time We scale up a bit.

Pure View Aquarium 80x40x25 is made from high-quality Guardian glass, pure no visible silicone, and high-tech equipment. That couldn’t go wrong…


🔹️ Aquarium Pure View 80x40x25

🔹️ Two filters: Aqua Nova 450 and 600.

🔹️ Chihiros RGB+ with the setting of day and night lights

🔹️ Co2 Set


🔹️A mix of Red Moore Wood

🔹️ A mix of Black Lava

🔹️ El Dorado & Colorado Sand

Aquascaping process

Planting choice

🔹️ Bucephalandra Biblis

🔹️ Bucephalandra Red

🔹️ Bucephalandra Needle Leaf

🔹️ Bucephalandra Velvet Tricolour

🔹️ Bucephalandra Theia

🔹️ Schismatoglottis prietoi

🔹️ Anubias Nana

🔹️ Anubias Petit️

🔹️ Flame Moss

🔹️ Salvinia

🔹️ Phyllanthus fluitans

Final view after a month time…

Fish Choice…

🔹️ Galaxy Rasboras

🔹️ Forktail Rainbow Species

🔹️ Pseudogobiopsis lumbantobing Gobby

🔹️ Pygmy corydoras

🔹️ Longfin Peppered Corydoras

This project will definitely evolve as time goes by. Some new plants may be added and definitely, the number of fish will incres.

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