Aquario Premium Neo Flow Set Available to Order!!!

Welcome to the next information on the subject of new equipment. This time we have new inlets and outlets for external filters for you !!!

Nicely packaged!!!

The innovative AQUARIO Neo Flow In-/Outflow Set convinces with its infinite variability and grade of individualization. It is made out of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate modified with glycol), which – in contrary to glass, regular plastic, and stainless steel – is far more elastic.

In addition, PETG material provides particularly high transparency. Before water contact, it seems matte, but as soon as it touches water, it becomes highly transparent.

Looks cooooool with red 😉

Why is it the best inlet and outlet in the world?

Let’s compare the set with others available on the market, with glass, steel, and plastic.

Steel is resistant to damage, but it is not transparent, it is expensive and it is difficult to clean.

The glass is nice, but it’s very brittle and it’s expensive.

Plastic is resistant to damage, you can shorten it and it is cheap. But they’re always ugly.

If we combine the best advantages of glass, steel, and plastic inlets and outlets, we get:

Transparent inlet and outlet that is resistant to damage and easy to clean. This is what NEO Flow is like, plus it is flexible and you can shorten it. So it’s better than combining all the major advantages of three sets made of different materials.

Very simple yet effective and durable!!!

The set includes two pieces. Like the rest of the elements, it is completely transparent and durable. Provides a firm and secure grip on the tubes. Fits panes 14 to 4mm thick.

The skimmer is designed to simultaneously add air to the water. Inside there is an oblique tube, which by turning you regulate the aeration efficiency. If you turn it completely, you can turn off the aeration completely.

You can install a dissipative basket at the outlet at any time. It has a unique round shape that perfectly dampens the flow. What’s more, you can freely regulate the amount of water and on which side it will flow, thanks to the rotating tip and the possibility of extending the damping caps.

You can shorten the tubes!
This is a handy feature. Trim the tube anywhere to fit the height of your aquarium

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