Simply Iwagumi in extraordinary cube

Welcome back to Aqua Remedy Gallery Aquariums. This time I will present you My new creation.

Aquarium VIV 30x30x30 is the most common size for a typical cube tank. It’s small, but not too small. Perfect for shrimps and small schooling fishes.

It’s very easy to find proper lights and filters for it and what is more important… The full customize set usually costs less than 120 euros.

For this specific project, I have used:

  • Lights WRGB WIO with dimmer
  • Hanh on Back filter from Aqua Nova
  • Tetra 25w heater
  • ADA Amazonia Soil
  • Millenium Rocks
  • Only plant choice Eleoharis Mini ( Mini hairgrass)

Aquascaping and planting

Final result

The whole project took me 3-4 hours to be completed and cost me 125 Euro. I think this is a very resanable price for all new equipment and plants choice.

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