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It’s time for new. It’s time for a bit of challenge! For the last 3 years, I have normally used custom build systems for My Aquasaping projects. Better lights, stronger filters, custom size tanks…

This time due to coincidence and luck I have acquired Fluval Flex 34 liters Aquarium. This fish tank is very popular in retail Pet Stores and easy to obtain by a typical beginner.

The question is “Is that a good set to start with? “Let’s answer that one.

Few words about the tank itself and technical info:

Dimension: 35 x 33 x 33 cm

Aquarium Capacity: 34l

Light: 7W Cold White

Filter: 230l per Hour flow back panel filter system.

Colour: Black

Aquascaping and planting

With the knowledge that the background is black and light is cold white, I have chosen black lava stone and river white sand as Aquascaping supplies. Both of them mix very nicely and creating the perfect contrast.

As I knew there will be no Co2 and the light is only 7W I play safe with plants. Some moss and Monte Carlo

Final result

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