Twinstar Lights for less than 120 Euro??? Series B available to order!!!

Welcome to my blog again. This time We have yet again new lights available to order. After a great 2020 year (it may sound extremely odd) 2021 continues a trend of introducing high-end LED lamps for way more affordable prices.

This time We have new Lights from Twinstar!

Few words from Twinstar

The Twinstar Light B is an aquarium LED lighting with a full light spectrum for rich and vivid colors, especially for fishkeepers. In addition, the LED provides enough brightness for plant growth. Under the new Twinstar LED the colors of the fish or shrimp to appear more luminous than ever before.

This Twinstar is characterized by a compact, lightweight, and slim design while providing effective light output and a spectrum that plants need to grow and thrive well. By combining white light LEDs and RGB LEDs, the Twinstar Light B optimizes and enhances the environment for aquarium plant growth and makes fish colors appear more vibrant.

In my opinion, those lights are absolutely perfect for everyone that enter the hobby, expecting very good results and now wish to break a bank.

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