The Dark side of Aquascaping universe

January and February its usually not the most exciting year even when We are not locked in Ours Homes. Bills to pay, Christmas time gone and not really hope for brighter tomorrow….

With this mood on board why not create something that will reflect this time? Something Dark? Somethink… NEW.

Aqua Remedy is usually about planting tanks. Plants, more plants and some plant in that empty corner, but this time I have to challenge myself. Less is more.

After some research, equipment preparation and material assembly I finally manage My First Black Water Biotope tank.

The name of the project is 🍂 Undiscovered Piece of Nature 🍂


Tank Size: 60x40x40 Opti White

Lights: Two Ikea Clip on lamps

Filter: Aquael FZN-3

Co2: No

Aquascaping and decoration
Final result

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