Project “Ancient Woodland” Opti White Tank with a kick

The 2020 was definitely one of the most unusual years for Me and My little company. We had up and downs, new challenges, and many obstacles. In all of this madness, it was very little time to set up another tank for My Home Gallery.

The tank I had used, Full Opti White (OW) was standing on the shelf for over three months. I had no idea what to do. Black Water? Full Dutch Aquascaping? No real direction. Until I have received a new shipment of unusual wood and stones. Trunk Wood and Elderly Stone.

With this wood and stones I had very good idea what I want.


Tank Size: 60x30x35 Opti White

Lights: Chihiros A Series 39 W

Filter: Eheim 130

Co2: Yes

Aquascaping and planting
Final result

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