New lights from Chihiros part three. This time We are presenting Premium Lights CHIHIROS LED WRGB II !!!

The WRGB II lighting beam is modern lighting equipped with long-life, wide-angle LEDs that combine four colors: white, green, red, blue. The lighting is characterized by high luminance. The colors are more intense and brighter than other Chihirios lights.

The lighting is controlled only via the “My Chihiros” application installed on a smartphone or tablet with Android and IOS. In addition to switching the beam on and off, it allows you to regulate the intensity of four colors with their intensity and set the dawn and dusk modes. The lighting can be placed on the aquarium using the acrylic adjustable feet included in the set.

The beam has an elegant and modern look. The body is made of high-quality steel. Additionally, you can purchase covers to direct the light beam to the aquarium, preventing it from dispersing outside the tank.

You can purchase few size options:

To avail of free delivery for this product key in Code “Chihiriosfree” in the checkout area.

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