Project “My First Aquascape” joining Aqua Remedy family

Let me introduced another project from Aqua Remedy portfolio.

This time We have very simply, low tech and low maintenance setup.


After primary consultation We have decided that all budget for this Aquascape must not exceed 250 Euro. With this in mind I decided We will use:

  • Aquarium 50x30x35 52 liters of water from Diversa. Cost 45 Euro
  • Aquael Leddy Plant Version 16W cost 55 Euro
  • Aquael Ultra Heater cost 20 Euro
  • Aquael Turbo 500. Cost 25 Euro
  • Maflora Light Version 6l. Cost 30 Euro
  • Rocks and Wood. Cost 40 Euro
  • Plants. Cost 35 Euro

Total cost 250 euro including FREE assembly!!!

Aquascaping and planting

For aquascping supplies I have decided We will use:

  • Maflora Light Soil
  • Driftwood three pieces connected as one
  • Glimmer Rock

For planting options We went to:

  • Sagittaria Subulata
  • Mix of cryptocoryne
  • Mix of Moss
  • Ehinodorus Bleheri Mini
Final result

Overall results are very good. In very small budget We managed to finalized outstanding Aquarium Garden

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