CHIHIRO’S LED A PLUS RGB Available to order with FREE delivery!!!

Here We are again. This time We introducing new RGB lighting from Chihirios.

The A RGB PLUS series LED bars are lighting intended for freshwater and plant aquariums. It is a combination of the older A PLUS and RGB models, creating a unique series that will meet the expectations of the most demanding aquarists.

The lighting has been equipped with LED diodes using new technology, thanks to which the colors of fish, plants and aquarium decorations are more vivid and distinct. Additionally, the built-in diodes are characterized by a long lifetime of 50,000 hours with low electricity consumption.

The lighting can only be controlled through the “My Chihiros” application installed on a smartphone or tablet with Android or IOS. A great advantage is the ability to set the intensity for three colors (red, green, blue) separately, as well as assign the appropriate light intensity for individual hours during the day and set the dawn and dusk options. The aluminum body from which it was made allows not only efficient lighting cooling but also provides an aesthetic and stylish design.

Few cool fixures:

  • Dedicated to a plant / freshwater aquarium
  • A combination of the older A PLUS and RGB series.
  • Vivid and authentic colors of fish, plants, and decorations.
  • Built-in Bluetooth controller.
  • Control via the “My Chihiros” application
  • Combination of 4 colors: red, green, blue, white
  • The metal frame allows you to adjust the height and width of the beam.
  • Aesthetic and stylish body.

You can buy versions:

To avail of free delivery for this product key in Code “Chihiriosfree” in the checkout area.

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