New Project, New idea.

Welcome back!!! Let me to present you My new project. This time We had to convert existing Fluval Roma 125 into planting tank.

System already had good filtration and decent light. We only added Co2 set to support good plant grow.

This time We had nice budget to work on and free hand when it comes to decorations.

Few words about system:

Tank Size: Fluval Roma 125. Size 80x35x50

Lights: Aqua One LED

Filter: JBL 902 Green Line

Co2: Yes

For hardscape materials I have used:

  • Maflora Light
  • JBL River Sand
  • Mini Landscape Rock
  • Millennium Wood aka Indonesian Fine Wood

Plants We used:

  • Anubiases few species
  • Java Fern
  • Java Narrow Leaf
  • Cryptocoryne three different species.
  • Bucephalandra

With a bit of help of the owner We manage to finish this project in less then five hours.

Final result was more then very good. I can give myself a note 8.5 out of 10 😉

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