An ambitious project, extraordinary aquarium

Today I want to presentu you another project from Aqua Remedy portfolio.

This time We had a hard nut to crack on. Aqua One tank is not only big (240 liters), but has unusual hight (60cm). Top of this tank is limited by glass support and you can fit only pieces no bigger than 80cm long and 20 wide. Absolutely a nightmare to any Aquascaper.

What is not new for me budget was limited and We had to think outside of the box. We decided that We use large pieces of wood for strong and solid visual impact and We will save a few Euros on the soil. This time we only used nutritions capsules and clay balls.

Overal project took me hole day, but final result great.

Some info about tank:

Tank Size: Aqua One Oak. 38 x 116 x 60cm

Lights: Aquael Plant 32W

Filter: Fluval 307 & JBL 902

Co2: Yes

Pictures from creation

Six weeks after set up

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