My first approach to shallow tank

Today I want to present to you my first shallow tank. The tank has only 20 centimetres high and total volume of 36 litres.

Few facts about tank:

Tank Size: 36l | 60x20x30

Lights: Chihiros RGB

Filter: Azoo Mignon 150

Co2: Not Yet

Due to size of this tank We had to choose kaskade filter and very smal heater. Its first time in my life i have used Azoo Mignon filter. After four weeks iI can say it was a good choice.

To Aquascape this tank We have used Maflora Intense Soil and few Maple Leaf Rocks. From begining my idea was to stick to simply Iwagumi style, no wood or other decorations.

We only deicded to use three spiecies of plants:

  • Monte Carlo
  • Pogostemon Helferi
  • Marsilea Crenata

Setting up this tank was a very easy process, however, due to the size adding water was a tricky process.

Few pictures from creation

Tank after two weeks

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