Let’s talk about plants today…

Red Lotus was set up over 10 weeks ago. Since that tank matured very well and all algae problems subsided. At this stage, this tank is balanced in all aspects of fish keeping and plants growing.

1. Few words about tank

Volume Approx: 180 Litres
Tank Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 50 cm
Cabinet Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 73 cm
Lighting: 2x T5 Lights

Co2: Yes

Filter: Fluval 406

Substrate: Maflora intense, sand.

Decorations: Mix of rocks, Red More Wood.

2. Plants choice

  • Ehinodorus Amazonicus
  • Ehinodorus Bleheri
  • Cryptocoryne Mi Oya
  • Red Tiger Lotus
  • Lagenandra Meeboldii Red
  • Cryptocoryne Legroi
  • Cryptocoryne Brown
  • Cryptocoryne Willisii
  • Java Moss
  • Java Fern
  • Pistia Stratiotes

3. Maintenance routine

  • Weekly water changes 20-50% depending on how lazy I am.
  • Sand cleaning and refresh once every two weeks.
  • Glass cleaning once a month.
  • Equipment cleaning once a month.

4. Gallery

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