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Rimless OptiWhite glass aquariums are starting to make significant breakthroughs into the marine and tropical market. Nearly all professional You Tubers are using ultra-transparent glass as they demonstration fish tanks. The best Aquascaper works on all major competitions are built using Opti White fish tanks.

But why are these tanks so popular? Another marketing trick?

The answer is not as simple as it might seem.

Opti White as its name suggests is made of super transparent glass.
Aquariums are made of glass with reduced iron content, which makes them much more clear than standard float glass tanks. Another great aesthetic advantage is clear silicon used to join glass walls. These aquariums have no top cover or hood included.

They are few other advantages of Opti White tanks:

  • Open top, no restrictions when building aquascape that goes above tank level.
  • No rims = no view restrictions.
  • When you purchase a tank, you are not limited to equipment that comes with it.
  • You only buy a tank. There are no filters and lighting in sets, that do not usually meet the highest customer requirements.

It’s all sounds very beautiful, but if there are any problems with Opti White tanks?

  • No hood can be a problem with keeping a constant temperature, especially in a cold environment.
  • Higher water evaporation.
  • Due to open top, some fish species may jump off.
  • Price. Opti White tanks usually cost more.

So the question remains. Is it worth buying Opti White Tank?

In My opinion absolutely yes.

In the era of beautiful scapes with a complicated aquasce construction, Opti White can give you so many freedom of choosing the right equipment, fantastic building materials and visual perfection.

Aqua Remedy Ireland follows the new trend and adds to its offer a wide selection of Opti White tanks.

We offer Home Delivery, Installation and free advice when choosing the right equipment as a package.

If You have any questions about Opti White tanks contact Us Today!!!

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