NuniQ Wide Led. Top performance in reasonable price.

Many of my clients ask how it is possible that some tanks on the internet look so beautiful. There are many answers to this question, but certainly one of the answers is the quality of light used to illuminate this aquarium.

Very often when buying an aquarium, we focus on its size, filtration and fish, but hardly anyone will check the quality of lighting.

Many people measure the quality of light through the prism of its intensity. This is only one side of the coin.

To achieve really nice fish, decorations and plants colour, the light should not only be strong, but also be in the right colour spectrum. The spectrum of the light is measured in Kelvin. Larger light spectrum, better visual effect.

Most basic lights have a spectrum of around 6000 to 7000 Kelvin. For our eye it is cold white light. To emphasize the red colours our lamp must have diodes with a spectrum below 7k Kelvin. Few lamps have them, and even if they have them, their quality is poor.

Good lighting beams with a wide spectrum of light are usually very expensive, and their price starts from around 300 Euro.

But the GAON Company came out against this difficulty and constructed very good LED lamps with a wide spectrum of light and at a very affordable price.

GAON presented a new line of LED lamps, NuniQ.

They are coming in three sizes:

  • NuniQ 40 P/S
  • NuniQ 60 P/S
  • NuniQ 90 P/S

The coming in very affordable price range:

Key features of those lights:

  • Wide-angle LEDs (up to 120 degrees),
  • Vibrant full color spectrum of WRGB diodes,
  • Built-in resistor for each LED,
  • The NuniQ lighting beam has a switch,
  • Long lighting life (up to 30,000 hours),
  • High photosynthesis capacity,
  • Low heat production,
  • Heat resistance,
  • Heat dissipation system,
  • Modern design, slim figure (only 17mm thick),
  • Optimized dimensions of the aluminum body (19cm wide),
  • Perfect finish
  • Eco-friendliness – does not produce greenhouse gases.

In my opinion, these are the best lamps at the most interesting price on today’s market

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