Fluval Hagen 07 Series available for order. Filters with license to clean!!!

After few weeks of waiting We are happy to add Series 07 from Hagen into Our shop!!! As you knows, Fluval are my favourite type of filters on Today market.

Whats new?

  • Powerful and reliable canister filter.
  • Energy efficient; uses 10,15 or 20 watts of power.
  • Easier to use and install than previous generations.
  • Suitable for use on tanks from 40l up to 500l
  • Dual Filtration sponge system.
  • 25% quieter than older generations.
  • Includes 3 meters of tubing and very good filtration media

All filters are coming with all you need media, sponges, tubing’s and connectors!!!

and they are very easy to maintained…

As a bonus they are coming in very good price range…

If you have any questions about those filters, feel free to Contact Us Today!!!

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