Project ” Forgotten Valley”

Tank Size: 64 | 60x30x36

Lights: Aquael Leddy Plant 10W

Filter: Eheim Eco Pro

Co2: Yes

Installation processes and Aquascaping

Day One

Update July 2019

Update January 2020

Project “Forgotten Valley”

New and very exited project build on high-end products, with Eco-friendly filtration and unique rock complex.

The project was completed with Jason, a great person and superb Aquascaper!!!

Few words about tank itself:

Aquarium Name: Opti White
Volume Approx: 64l
Tank Size L X W X H: 60 X 30 X 36
Lighting: Aquael Duo 16W
Heater: Eheim Thermocontrol
Filter: Eheim ECO Pro

For decoration, We have used Glimmer Rocks

Connection and piping

Aquascaping and planting processes

Final results

Update July 2019

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