And We back again. Not every aquascape need to be successful, but “Hunan” looks really well!!!

  1. Few words about tank.

Very simply and of the shelf Aquael set. No Co2, no adjustments.

Aquarium Name: AQUAEL SHRIMP SET 30

Tank Size L X W  H: 29x29x35
Lighting: LED 6 W
Filter: PAT MINI
Colours: Black

2. Few words about decoration and plants.

  • Dragon Stone
  • ADA Amazonia
  • Mix of Cryptocoryne
  • Few Anubiases Pettit
  • Staurogyne Repens
  • Java Moss

3. Live stock?

  • Razbora Harlequin x 6
  • Orange and Blue Velvet Shrimps.

4. Problems?

Some algae issues due to lack of Co2 and fairly strong light and some leafs lost from Starogyne, but all nicely recovered.

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